VITAL is a leader in ideal site acquisition services. We provide the predictability, quality and transparency that are so important. When expanding a network, site acquisition is a critical component that can have an initial impact on the cost and timeline of your deployment projects.

Our Solutions
We combined with our ability to manage a broad scope of projects which provide a seamless progression from a designated search area to a permitted and integrated cell site. With professionals in the field, we have acquired so many sites for different operators in a very short span of time.
We are a true turnkey telecom company, able to execute a large-scale projects.We can do this because we have national presence throughout the Islamic Republic of Pakistan with local, in-house resources.In VITAL you will find a single source that can self-perform

RF Technical site survey
• Frequency planning
• RF design evaluation
• Search ring identification and Candidate Search(4 Candidates)
• Drive test

We conduct following RF survey
• Sharing site survey
• Capacity site survey
• Coverage site survey
• In building solution survey
• Line of site survey

Site Acquisition includes
• Site Survey Report
• Site Acquisition request
• Lease agreement negotiation
• Site layout planning and designing
• NOC’s TMA, Cantonment, DHA, CDA, including EPA,FAB
• WAPDA Power application and acquisition approvals

A Unique Team
We earned our reputation through our integral, contributing roles with several leading telecom operators launches, upgrades of entire systems across the nation.We make sure every single thing of entire projects when it comes to

• Planning and designing
• NOC’s Negotiations
• Factors of lease rates

These capabilities, blended with our quality reputation in the Telecom arena.We are providing a unique advantage to better serve our customers with reliable services with full scale integrated teams.