We maintain our credibility with our customers by providing them excellent services of DISEL generator overhauling as per generator performance test.If any Diesel Generator completes standard hours of operations then overhauling of that particular Diesel Generator is mandatory.

It’s the responsibility of VITAL Team to take proper care of every Diesel Generator installed on site.  

Team arrival on site

We have a team of skilled and qualified technicians essentially equipped with all necessary tools to sort out the issue on site

We have fastest response to the call.

If any major occurrence or repair work is detected then we install New/Rental generator set of same required rating, enough to energize the site.

VITAL attends DGSET Overhauling as per:

Local site within 1 hour from the receipt of the call

Remote site response within in 3 hours.

Major repair maximum time to overhaul as per DG Technician approval.