VITAL delivers partial or complete turnkey telecom projects or services to major telecom operators to establish or enhance their network infrastructure.
We are providing a full range of engineering, project management / roll-out, operation and maintenance services.

We can provide complete solution according to our customers’ needs and preferences.Our services include:

• BTS installation, commissioning and integration of all network elements
• Microwave link installation


BTS Installation (includes the following activities)

BTS Installation As Per Layout Plan
Battery Bank Installation, Interconnection & Cabling Of BTS
Rectifier Rack/ SMPS Installation
RRU Commissioning
Cable Tray/Duct Installation
Power Calibration & Power measurement through Digital Power Meter
Frequency calibrations through frequency counter equipment
Termination & Testing of all external alarms on the DDF
Labeling of All The Cables And Jumpers As Per Customer Standard
All Work Is To Be Carried Out As Per Layout plan
Security of site arrangements
BTS inventory list with product serial numbers
Site Acceptance & On-Air Call Testing
SWAP Solution
Call & Sector swapping testing.

MICROWAVE LINK installation

The following activities has to be carried out for one Hop i.e. at two different sites to make one link

Mini Link Installation & Commissioning(PDH, SDH, STM I & II, DWDM)
Microwave link upgrading
Microwave dismantling
Microwave Rack Installation
MW configuration & IF Cable Routine
All type of connectivity solutions
DC Connection To Mini Link Through DCDB / MCB
Earthing Of Rack, As Per Site Engineer Instruction
Alignment Of Microwave To Achieve Required Level
LOS test with mirror, flash or balloon Test